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  1. Guatemala Antigua

    Guatemala Antigua

    Price From: $8.99
    Superbly aromatic heavy body, excellent acidity, rich chocolate notes.
  2. 100% Colombia Supremo

    100% Colombia Supremo

    Price From: $7.99
    With a sweet floral aroma and winey notes you savor with every cup, made with the finest Colombian coffees.
  3. Costa Rica

    Costa Rica

    Price From: $8.90
    Delicate floral aroma with good body, excellent acidity, rich chocolate notes.
  4. Kona Blend

    Kona Blend

    Price From: $10.50
    A taste of the Hawaiian islands—10% Kona coffee blended with premium Arabica coffees, an excellent cup of coffee with a delicate floral aroma and subtle fruity notes.
  5. Moka Java

    Moka Java

    Price From: $10.00
    Medium body and highly aromatic with fruity notes, this blend of Ethiopia and java makes this coffee an exotic and dramatic up.
  6. Breakfast Blend

    Breakfast Blend

    Price From: $8.15
    A get-up cup perfect for any moment with vibrant fruity notes and a rich, lingering aftertaste.
  7. Espresso


    Price From: $8.10
    A dark roast with spicy dark chocolaty notes, full body, and rich flavor.
  8. French Roast

    French Roast

    Price From: $8.10
    A deep, dark roasted cup in classic french style with a smoky aroma and hints of dark chocolate.
  9. Houseblend


    Price From: $8.15
    Based on our own family's choice of fine coffees, we roast this blend to bring out the richest flavor.
  10. Sumatra


    Price From: $9.30
    Full body, rich and earthy flavors, yet relatively mild acidity, just enough to keep your cup vibrant.
  11. Butterscotch


    Price From: $8.95
    A smooth coffee with a sweet buttery aroma and hints of toffee. Natural and Artificially Flavored.
  12. Coconut Cream

    Coconut Cream

    Price From: $8.95
    Escape to paradise with the aroma of sweet coconut and creamy notes. Natural and Artificially Flavored.

Items 1 to 12 of 35 total

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