Our Story


Our family’s passion for coffee began more than a century ago when our ancestors, José María and Ramón Gaviña, left their homeland in Spain for the rich coffee-growing regions of southern Cuba. On that lush Caribbean island, with its warm tropical breezes and fertile soil, the brothers planted coffee trees on their farm and called it Hacienda Buenos Aires.

It was there that our family’s patriarch, Don Francisco Gaviña, was born. As a boy, he watched his father till the soil, plant seedlings, tend the trees and make sure that only the ripest and most flavorful coffee cherries were handpicked. His father then taught him how to process, dry and sort only the best quality beans. Then, he learned the fine art of roasting them to attain peak flavor and aroma.

Don Francisco Family

It was on that farm where Don Francisco passed on the family tradition to his children - Pedro, Jose, and Paco Gaviña, and Leonor Gaviña-Valls. Today, they continue to lead the company their father started, along with their children.

“We thank you for choosing our family’s coffee,”

The Gavina Family

Grown out of Cuba in 1870,
50 years of roasting in Los Angeles.

Since our ancestors planted their first coffee trees in 1870, members of our family have been involved in every aspect of coffee preparation -- farming, milling, importing and roasting as well as working with café owners, chefs and restaurateurs to brew the perfect cup.

We’re passionate about crafting quality coffee in our family’s tradition. We use that passion and expertise to ensure that the greatest care is taken at every step of coffee preparation from the farm to your doorstep.