We put our love of coffee and tea into everything we do.
Specialty Coffee

“We rigorously subscribe to the standards that give “Specialty Coffee” its value and reputation. We support the work of specialty coffee organizations, the Specialty Coffee Association of America and the Coffee Quality Institute.” The Gaviña Family

Specialty Coffee Association of America

F. Gaviña & Sons, Inc., is proud to be a founding member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America. “SCAA is an international trade organization that was established in 1982 by a small group of coffee professionals seeking a common forum to discuss issues and set quality standards for the specialty coffee trade.” Today SCAA has nearly 3,000 company members. Leonor Gaviña-Valls served as SCAA President; and in 1994, she received the organization’s “Outstanding Contribution to the Association Award” for her exceptional leadership.

According to the Association’s website, “SCAA standards and protocols represent an agreement with consumers — to do everything possible to ensure the highest quality beverage possible will be delivered to them consistently. The Statistics & Standards Committee regularly reviews these guidelines to ensure they are updated with the newest information and science available.”

Green Coffee Quality

Water for Brewing Specialty Coffee

Cupping Specialty Coffee

Grading Green Coffee

Green Coffee Color Assessment

Members of our family and staff have taught as well as attended SCAA’s hands-on workshops and educational programs.

Coffee Quality Institute

Another industry group we are proud to be affiliated with is the Coffee Quality Institute® . CQI is a nonprofit organization working internationally to improve coffee quality and the lives of the people who produce it. CQI created the Q Coffee System, “an internationally recognized grading system for quality coffee that utilizes the services of Licensed Q Graders to provide third-party verification of cup quality.” Six members of our procurement team including Michael Gaviña and Leonor Gaviña -Valls are Licensed Q Graders.