We put our love of coffee and tea into everything we do.

Drinks to cool you off. Others to warm you up. Learn how to impress your friends, become a great host, and expand your own coffee horizons. Here are easy ways to whip up your favorite coffee drinks at home.

Hot Coffee Drinks

Open, drip – “American Style” coffee (regular, decaffeinated, and flavored)

Don Francisco’s Coffee – 2 tablespoons per 6oz. water
Fresh, cold water (preferably bottled drinking water)
Half `n half or Milk

Espresso Based

A. Espresso

Start with whole bean, espresso roast coffee (e.g. Family Reserve Espresso Roast, 10 oz bag).
Using a properly calibrated espresso grinder (Operational Training), “pull” one or two measures of finely ground coffee into the portafilter. Filled to just below the metal line of the filter, this should be about 14 grams of coffee.

This extra cleaning/wiping of the portafilter lip is extremely important, as it is pressed into the undercup gasket when locked into group head. Espresso will begin to leak from the group head (either burning you in the process, or at the very least making a mess), as this build-up of coffee on the gasket damages the seal.

Place portafilter in machine group head and lock into place.

Using the controls, brew 1.5 fluid oz of espresso.

A proper shot of espresso should take approximately 20-25 seconds from the moment coffee begins dispensing from the portafilter.

If brewed correctly, it should flow out of the portafilter with the viscosity of warm honey, flax colored, and with and occasional “gurgle” in the flow.

The final result should have a thick layer of golden crema floating on top.

B. Caffè Latte
A serving of espresso with steamed milk topped with a small amount of velvety foam.

1.5 fluid oz of espresso
Steamed milk
A little foam
Brew espresso directly into cup. Pour the steamed milk into cup, allowing just a little foam to pour over at the end.

A serving of espresso with equal parts of steamed milk and foam.

1.5 fluid oz of espresso
Equal parts steamed milk and foam
Pour milk and foam into cup, allowing plenty of foam to pour over. Then, pour espresso shot into center of this layer of foam. You should have a nice, white layer of foam with the espresso coloring in the center.

D. Mocha
A latte flavored with chocolate syrup.

E. Macchiato
Espresso topped with a dash of steamed milk.