We put our love of coffee and tea into everything we do.
Our Coffees

“Don Francisco’s Coffees are sourced, roasted and packaged according to longstanding family traditions. In fact, a strong sense of tradition is at the heart of everything we do to make our coffees worthy of Don Francisco’s name.” José Gaviña

Coffee Selection

For four generations, the Gaviña Family has sourced only the finest beans from the world’s top growing regions. Coffee, like wine, is affected by the climate in which it is grown. Rainfall, soil conditions, altitude and other environmental factors impact the flavor and quality of the beans. Every year, members of the family visit the coffee farms to ensure that our coffees are grown under ideal conditions.

Sample Approval

When coffees arrive at our family’s roasting facility, we roast a small sample, grind it and add piping hot water. After stirring, sniffing, and slurping, we are able to evaluate the flavor, aroma and body of the coffee. This procedure is called “cupping” and it is the professional coffee community’s standard evaluation protocol. After careful scrutiny, a determination is made as to which coffees to buy. Depending upon its unique flavor characteristics, we will offer the coffee as a single origin coffee or it will be included in one of our blends.

Although all Don Francisco’s Coffees are roasted and packed at our state-of-the-art facility using the latest Twenty-First Century technology, the love and care that goes into every package is a result of our family tradition backed by 140 years of experience.