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Coffee 101

Coffee is a beverage that can be brewed to suit individual tastes. The many different pure and blended coffees available can be brewed in a wide selection of different coffee makers, or by various special brewing methods, making it possible to provide a brew to suit everyone. However, regardless of brewing method, there are some factors that are absolutely crucial in brewing a great tasting cup of coffee.

The Water
Water is added to roasted, ground coffee to extract the cell contents and make the brew. A common mistake is to use boiling water, this spoils the flavor and aroma of the coffee. Instead, the water should be between 198° F and 205° F when it makes contact with the grounds. Coffee machines are usually designed to add the water at the ideal temperature.

Remember, the first step towards a great cup of coffee is to make the brew with fresh, cold water that has been boiled and allowed to cool to the desired temperature.

Water that has been artificially softened should not be used for coffee making. The mineral content of the water used for brewing can significantly affect the final taste of the coffee. For instance, a blend of coffee brewed in the hard water of Los Angeles would have a completely different taste if it were brewed in New York City, where the water is softer.

The Coffee
Once coffee is roasted and ground, it should be used as soon as possible or stored in airtight containers in a cool place. Bags or containers usually have recommendations about the appropriate amounts and how to make the coffee. In all cases, it is better to be generous with the quantities of coffee used and to follow the recommendations on the bags or containers.
Buy coffee in quantities that will be used before it goes stale or the quality begins to deteriorate. Ground coffee should not be kept for more than ten days after grinding, or if vacuum packed, for more than ten days after opening the package.

The Equipment
Cleanliness is vital! All equipment and utensils should be absolutely clean. Make the coffee in pots that have been thoroughly dried and pre-warmed.

The Brew
If possible, coffee should be freshly ground just before brewing it. Coffee will always taste best when it is freshly brewed. Drink it as soon as possible, as it will deteriorate if kept for more than 20 minutes. Never re-heat brewed coffee.
We hope this information helps enhance your coffee experience.